OGMO; a glimpse at a futuristic odyssey ready to change product visualization in e-commerce.

Integrating AR shopping assistance,3D scanning,3D product configurators and virtual showrooms, with OGMO
Kushlani Perera
Kushlani Perera

There’s no hesitation in believing that online shopping has paved its way towards creating a major revolution in the way we shop. Especially given the circumstances of the pandemic within the last year, online stores and e-commerce platforms have been subjected to drastic technological transitions.

Mainly due to restrictions imposed on physical presence at Brick and mortar stores around the world, e-commerce platforms have grasped a fair share of consumer interest within the last year. With that, online retailers have directed their focus towards implementing more technological advancements to make the online shopping experience more likable, interactive and convenient for the shoppers.

That is why the concepts of Augmented Reality(AR) and 3D technologies have shifted forward into the spotlight to elevate the online shopping experience for users while providing massive benefits to retailers.

If you are an online retailer looking for a way to transform your e-commerce platform with the latest 3D and Augmented Reality(AR) product visualization approaches, OGMO is an innovative platform ready to provide a futuristic online retail experience by integrating 3D and Augmented Reality(AR) to e-commerce platforms and online stores. This helps businesses and brands to use immersive technologies to boost online brand awareness and sales through better product visualization.

OGMO is capable of providing,

  • Augmented Reality Shopping Assistant bringing AR and 3D product visualization to your web store.

  • 3D Scanning capabilities to reconstruct digital 3D models of your products.

  • 3D Product Configurators to let shoppers customize the products.

  • Virtual Showrooms.

Augmented Reality Shopping Assistant.

Augmented Reality Shopping Assistant enables the shoppers to overlay computer-generated true-scale 3D models of products in real-world surroundings. In simple terms, if you are a buyer willing to purchase a sofa for your living room, Augmented Reality(AR) powered online stores can provide you with a 3D model of the sofa, so that you could visualize the product right in your living room exactly on the location you are hoping to place the product.

3D Scanner.

OGMO 3D Scanning app is a revolutionized innovation bringing the digital 3D model reconstruction process closer to you than ever. OGMO 3D Scanning app is developed with the power of artificial intelligence and cloud computing to create perfect digital 3D models and it is as simple as capturing a 60 second video clip. The application follows a convenient process consisted with the following few steps,

  • Capture and upload.
  • Create.
  • Publish.

3D Product Configurator.

Augmented Reality powered online stores have given the power over to the shoppers to customize products so that consumers gain the ability to change colors, materials, textures and dimensions of the products according to their preferences before purchasing.

Virtual Showrooms.

Virtual Showrooms create state of the art technological implications to enhance user experience related to e-commerce and to bring contactless shopping experiences to life. Actual dimensions, textures, colours and other senses of a product are implemented to the 3D elements allowing the user to experience the actual product specifications within a digital showroom environment.

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