Augmented Reality for Home Decor product visualization in e-commerce.

Kushlani Perera
Kushlani Perera

In the early days, online retailers and shoppers faced displeasing challenges when selling and buying online. For retailers, the main concerns were low sales levels, low conversion rates and cart abandonment. These challenges arose mainly due to the lack of information most online retailers offer through their e-commerce platforms. The product visuals were limited to images, which does not provide adequate visual information for the shoppers to make an assured purchasing decision. Shoppers show clear reluctance to finalize a purchase until they are confident about its suitability in reality.

This is when 3D and Augmented Reality visualization of products in online stores emerge as a viable solution. Home decor product online retail could easily be benefited from the great features that Augmented Reality can provide. Augmented Reality is the immersive technology that allows consumers to overlay computer-generated 3D models of products within real-world surroundings.

how AR can be used for homedecor product visualization in ecommerce

Augmented Reality could provide the retailers the opportunity to attract a larger online audience looking for home decor products. Augmented Reality is the key to access the untapped online market, through which one could eventually increase online sales and conversion rates.

The shoppers pay a great deal of interest and consideration when trying to purchase home decor products online. This value-driven purchasing can push any online shopper to demand and look for interactivity in e-commerce platforms. That is why online shoppers redirect their interest towards online stores with Augmented Reality product visualization. The use of 3D and Augmented Reality allows home decor products to be customized and previewed right within actual environments, giving shoppers the ultimate interactive online shopping experience. And with the aid of this immersive technology, shoppers get the most realistic outlook on how the actual space is utilized along with the products.

Why integrating Augmented Reality technology is important for home decor products?

Real-time product visualization.

how to use AR for homedecor visualization

Customers rely greatly on visualization when it comes to home decors. It is always a matter of suitability and adaptation. If shoppers were given the opportunity to try out interior design aspects and products in different colors, materials and textures within the actual space, it will help them eliminate doubts and increase confidence to purchase. That is exactly what Augmented Reality can offer. Augmented Reality allows the shoppers to overlay real-time customizable products on exact locations. Augmented Reality features include 360-degree product visualization, zooming/resizing capabilities and product rotatability to ensure that the shopper gets the maximum amount of information about the products.

Increase user engagement and sales.

More online shoppers will be drawn towards AR powered stores due to customization capabilities, interactive visual representations and convenient navigation. With the increased amount user engagements, online sales will eventually increase along with conversion rates.

Overcome mainstream product visualization issues.

how homedecor can be visualized in AR ecommerce

Augmented Reality visualization is the best alternative to replace mainstream image-based product visualization. The Augmented Reality view can provide more information about the product which cannot be provided with images. It provides the ultimate futuristic visualization capabilities to superimpose 3D home decor product models onto real-world environments.

How OGMO can improve your home decor product visualization in e-commerce?

OGMO offers the Augmented Reality(AR) shopping assistant feature for online stores to escalate the shopping experience for both shoppers and retailers. The beginning of this next online retail revolution initiates with creating digital 3D assets aka “Digital Twins” to visualize the home decor products in online stores. That is why OGMO is ready to provide the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective approach to design and develop digital 3D models of your products using the latest 3D scanning technologies.

OGMO 3D scanning app is a revolutionized innovation bringing the digital 3D model reconstruction process closer to you than ever. OGMO 3D scanning app is developed with the power of Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing to create perfect digital 3D models, and it is as simple as capturing a 60-second video clip. OGMO also provides 3D product configurators for online stores to offer the shoppers the ultimate interactive experience.

To learn more about how you can easily create 3D models of your home decor products to integrate Augmented Reality in your webshop with OGMO AR Shopping Assistant, contact us via or request a demo here.

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