Augmented Reality visualization for your products in Magento

Lochitha Adikari
Lochitha Adikari

As a leading e-commerce platform, Magento allows retailers to set up online stores and sell their products online. Magento provides access to you to enter store data, add products, and process orders with ease.

Most Magento online retailers use images for product visualization. But images can provide only a limited amount of information that only gives two-dimensional illustrations of the product. Image product visualization does not provide adequate visual information for the shoppers to make an assured purchasing decision.
Due to these concerns, retailers can face issues with low sales levels, low conversion rates and cart abandonment.

This is when 3D and Augmented Reality visualization of products in Magento emerge as a viable solution. Magento online stores could easily be benefited from the great features that Augmented Reality can provide. Augmented Reality is the immersive technology that allows consumers to overlay computer-generated 3D models of products within real-world surroundings.

how AR and 3D are used in magento ecommerce

Why use Augmented Reality (AR) visualization in Magento?

Due to the vast amount of additional benefits, most e-commerce platforms such as Magento now encourage the use of immersive technologies to visualize products in online stores. Several brands on Magento now offer product visualization with the aid of Augmented Reality(AR) which has revolutionized the way we shop.

how to use AR 3D product visualization in magento ecommerce

Magento has identified Augmented Reality(AR) as a propelling technology to increase online business revenue, profits, and conversion rates through enhanced user experience with products. Augmented Reality(AR) has not failed to deliver interactive user experiences through many beneficial features.

Augmented Reality visualization on Magento,

Provides the most effective product visualization for online stores with,

  • 360 degree angle visualization of products.

  • Zoom in and out/ resizing capability.

  • Rotatable models.

  • Real-time customizable visuals.

Allows shoppers to preview 3D models of products in front of them within the exact locations they wish to place them. (“try-before-you-purchase”).

It provides the ultimate futuristic visualization capabilities to superimpose 3D product models onto real-world environments enabling customization, interaction, and convenient navigation for products in online stores. That is why e-commerce platforms such as Magento encourage Augmented Reality(AR) product visualization to revolutionize retail.

Illustrates hard-to-define product details and specifications seamlessly.

Augmented Reality visualization is the best alternative to replace mainstream image-based product visualization in Magento. The Augmented Reality view can provide more information about the product which cannot be provided with images.

Gives visual details for customers to understand products accurately and to simplify purchasing decisions.

With additional visual information available with Augmented Reality (AR), shoppers have the privilege to fully visualize products in 3D and superimpose them within real-world environments to make sure that the product is suitable for the location and goes well with the surrounding objects. Due to this special feature, shoppers can simply make the purchasing decision excluding any doubts. The product can be previewed in actual size, color, and under actual lighting conditions. Therefore, shoppers gain the ability to easily make a purchasing decision based on near-reality information available.

Also, the Magento platform recognizes the importance of creating positive experiences for shoppers. Augmented Reality(AR) has struck as a technology to enhance the user experience and increase customer returns to the web store and sales.

The use of Augmented Reality(AR) visualization on Magento has immensely contributed to reducing product return rates due to “try-before-you-purchase” feature available with high product interactivity.
Adaptation of AR on Magento ultimately helps brands to sustain a loyal customer base and increase sales. Augmented Reality is the growing technology in e-commerce that has escalated the shopping experience for both shoppers and retailers.

How OGMO can improve your Magento product visualization in eCommerce?

OGMO offers the Augmented Reality(AR) shopping assistant feature for Magento online stores to escalate the shopping experience for both shoppers and retailers. The beginning of this next online retail revolution initiates with creating digital 3D assets aka “Digital Twins” to visualize the products in online stores. That is why OGMO is ready to provide the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective approach to design and develop digital 3D models of your products in Magento using the latest 3D scanning technologies.

OGMO 3D scanning app is a revolutionized innovation bringing the digital 3D model reconstruction process closer to you than ever.

OGMO 3D scanning app is developed with the power of Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing to create perfect digital 3D models, and it is as simple as capturing a 60-second video clip. OGMO also provides 3D product configurators for Magento online stores to offer the shoppers the ultimate interactive experience.

To learn more about how you can easily create 3D models of your products to integrate Augmented Reality in your webshop with OGMO AR Shopping Assistant, contact us via or request a demo here.

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